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Name Classes  Phone # Email
Aker, Elicia 6th Math and Social Studies 816-528-7614 elicia.aker@lathropschools.com
Bennett, Carmen Vocal Music
816-528-7508 Carmen.Bennett@Lathropschools.com
Brown, Carol 6th Grade Reading 816-528-7620 Carol.Brown@Lathropschools.com
Cox, Mike Special Services 816-528-7607 mike.cox@lathropschools.com
Dorman, Renee 7th and 8th Reading 816-528-7615 Renee.Dorman@Lathropschools.com
Lewis, Nita 6th and 7th  English Language Arts 816-528-7633 Nita.Lewis@Lathropschools.com
DeConink, Deeann Special Services 816-528-7612 Deeann.Deconink@Lathropschools.com
Erwin, Jamie Technology Intergration Specialist/Computer teacher 816-528-7515  jamie.erwin@lathropschools.com
Fogel, Jeff Physical Education / Health 816-528-7447 jeff.fogel@lathropschools.com
Filley, Kim Librarian 816-528-7624  Kim. Filley@Lathropschools.com
Fly, Amy Counselor 816-528-7604 Amy.Fly@Lathropschools.com
Lukens, Jennifer
6th and 7th Science 816-528-7622 Jennifer.Lukens@Lathropschools.com
Hartzell, Kami  PLTW / 7th and 8th Grade Science 816-528-7623 kami.hartzell@lathropschools.com
Hon, Robin Special Ed Para-Professional   816-528-7612 Robin.Hon@Lathropschools.com
McNeely, Andy Principal 816-528-7601 andy.mcneely@lathropschools.com
O’Brien, Jerri
6th, 7th and 8th Art 
O'Connor, Michelle PLTW Computer Science/ 7th and 8th English Language Arts 816-528-7616 Michelle.Oconnor@Lathropschools.com
Prisby,  JoCatherine 6th, 7th and 8th Instrumental Music
816-528-7619 JoCatherince.Rogers@Lathropschools.com
Rooney, Jeff 7th and 8th Social Studies  816-528-7613 Jeff.Rooney@Lathropschools.com
Spurgeon, Stephanie 7th and 8th Mathematics 816-528-7614 Stephanie.Spurgeon@Lathropschools.com
Tichenor, Mike Physical Education / Body Conditioning 816-528-7626 Michael.Tichenor@Lathropschools.com
Vassmer, Elaine    Expanding Horizons (Gifted Education) 816-528-7728 Elaine.Vassmer@Lathropschools.com
Williams, Mikayla Administrative Assistant 816-528-7600 Mikayla.Williams@Lathropschools.com